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Products - Sticks

Flix Sticks: Our thick, resilient fibers and adjustable tone rings produce a superb range of "unplugged" sounds. Try a different ring setting on each hand.

Orange: Simply our most popular product. Drummers, world-wide have discovered just how versatile, subtle and expressive our Orange Stick can be. Orange Sticks have featured on the American Country Music Awards, David Gray's 'White Ladder' album, and hundreds of other shows and albums.



Black: A heavier stick, with thicker fibers, produced to meet the demand for a louder, harder, sounding stick. Increasingly popular.


Fluorescent: Exactly the same as our Orange Stick, Fluorescent are available in Yellow and Pink (Orange Fluorescent) and were produced for on-stage use with a UV canon or round-the-kit UV spots for 'Clune' on David Gray's second World Tour. Totally sensational on a darkened stage, Fluo. Sticks are made available by popular demand.

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