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FLIX Brushes have superb 'feel' and balance and employ a range of fibers specifically selected from various materials for their weight, flexibility and durability.

FLIX should not be confused with cheap fiber, far-east imports.

Our most recent addition to the Flix range designed to meet and even surpass the qualities of the best wire brush. Specially selected fine flexible, and durable fibers, push-pull retraction and covered extra-long handles have created a superbly balanced 'traditional' style brush - a true 'Classic' and already a favorite with many brush specialists and tutors.

Cymbal Zing Pin: Our Classic Brush features a Cymbal Zing Pin.

Exceptionally resilient fibers, superb balance, light fast response and surprising cymbal clarity, combine to satisfy the full range of technical expression.

Similar in balance and dynamic facility to the Jazz brush, but with 60% more fibers producing more 'punch' from greater weight.

Probably the World's loudest brush! Certainly Brite will enable you to use brushes in situations where previously they would have been completely 'dead'. Brite create a hard, driving sound with tremendous presence all round the kit.

Important: The fiber fan on all FLIX brushes can be spread to suit your individual preference. Also, as fibers are retractable, FLIX brushes can be played with fibers set to a choice of length to achieve different sounds and 'feel'.

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