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Welcome to FLIX Products

"FLIX have put a much greater range of sounds in my stick bag!" - Studio Drummer, USA

At FLIX , we manufacture a superb range of fiber drumsticks and drum brushes each carefully developed to produce it's own unique combination of sound, balance & dynamic effect!

Covering the entire musical spectrum from Jazz, through Pop, Country, Latin and Ethnic to Heavy Rock, FLIX Products are the first choice of many studio, session and show drummers seeking to add a significant new dimension to their playing.

"I can get greater dynamic range & make more exaggerated movements without the drown-out I would get from the usual wood sticks." Clune - with David Gray, UK.

Latest FLIX News

Hear Flix!

You can now hear Flix by visiting our Products pages.

Each of the items in our range now has a button like the one below. Click it to hear a short demonstration of that product's unique sound.


Many thanks to Jayson Brinkworth for the samples.

Who's Playing Flix

Jason Pierce


Yannis Stavropoulos

Ian Falgout


Andy Hargreaves

Gary Chaffee plays ‘Classic’

Highly regarded internationally for his creative work on many albums and in particular his original approach to drum tuition, Gary Chaffee recently discovered Flix ‘Classic’ and has played them regularly, ever since.

We are delighted that our product has been adopted by such a fine and much respected percussionist.

Check out Gary’s activities and tuition books and videos available, at http://www.garychaffee.com


If you are playing FLIX in a major band or on an album, send us details for possible inclusion on our news board.

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